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If you have questions please call:  1(250)697-2925
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Important notice to all customers!:
As of August 20, 2011, 
Because of the time consumed in filling so many special orders, I am adding a $1. per. lb. charge to future orders when asking for specific sizes.  Some of these orders require a special hunt for bark.  Our bark is catagorized as regular or large up to 22" long.  If I receive an order that requires specific measuring of the bark, I will add a $1. lb. fee to the order.
We have the bark sorted into regular and large piles and if ordering a box of large the large will come from the large catagory.  If asking for a specific size, there will be no problem.  However, I need everyone to understand there will be an extra fee.  The website will be updated as such.
"Please send me 1 box of large bark, pieces must be at least 6" wide x 5" thick x 15.5" long, no fissures please.  All white bark..."
I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope for understanding.
Boxes will normally be filled on Saturday or Sunday and shipped the following Monday.